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About CUTwC

Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club has been the home of the modern adult game of tiddlywinks since 1955. In this time, it has seen hundreds of members, numerous World Champions and the development of the game to a global sport.

CUTwC is open to members of the University of Cambridge and other educational establishments in Cambridge. Anyone interested in learning about the game, about how a child's game could occupy the minds of graduates and lecturers, about what might drive someone to be involved in tiddlywinks, or in how to get a World Rating is welcome to attend and be shown the ropes.

After attending three meetings, you may be encouraged to pay to join the Club - which will cost you £3.88 if you are a new student member. You may notice this is one of every (non-commemorative) coin of the realm; yes, membership was at one point £1.88½. Membership fees can be paid to the Treasurer at any meeting, and will afford you the right to vote (or not vote, as you prefer) for members of the Committee at the AGM, allows you a discount at the Club Dinner, may gain you a term card, and will stop people pestering you to join.

CUTwC meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. See the site home page for the venue, which tends to change by event and sometimes term.