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CUTwC and tiddlywinks news

Latest notices

There will be a CUTwC meeting via Zoom on Wednesday 21st of October from 7:30pm.
Novices, previous attendees and established winkers including the website maintainer, apparently, are all welcome.

There will be an ETwA "gETwAgether" via Zoom from 6pm on Saturday October 31st - watch the ETwA mailing list for details, and consider looking horrifying if you don't already.

Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society has been rejuvinated, so there is hope for the 2020-2021 Varsity match season.

Tiddlywinks is normally a game played with a group of people sociably standing around small tables in a nice warm room; this aspect of CUTwC meetings has obviously been rendered impractical by COVID-19 safety concerns. As such, for the last few months, CUTwC members have been "meeting" on Zoom.

With the new term, official CUTwC meetings will be continuing on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm on Zoom for the time being (see the mailing list for details).

To ensure actual winks games can continue during the COVID-19 restrictions, a ladder tournament will be held for the historical Nick Ashley university singles' league trophy, in place of the traditional CUTwC variety of weekly knock-out tournaments.

Site news
The calendar has been updated, and there's also a vastly overengineered (and yet still a massive hack) swoosh on the front page title; let me know if you find it's broken for you, but I'm hoping most people are using web browsers that aren't too many years out of date (and not a dial-up internet connection).

The ETwA National Singles (and ETwA Congress) has been postponed until the COVID-19 situation is resolved and it is considered safe for the community to play.
There is a plan for an online "gETwAgether" - see the ETwA mailing list for detail.
Watch this space and, and please stay safe.

Latest results

Zach Bond beat Sophie Brawn to take the lead in the Nick Ashley.
The Varsity Match was won by CUTwC 82½-29½ — ratings have been updated.
The Cambridge Open was won by Patrick Barrie.

Nick Ashley

Edward Brown has challenged Marc Mills.
Ed Green beat Alex Fairclough.
Zach Bond beat Sophie Brawn (who had previously beaten Marc Mills).


CUTwC logos now available.

Calendar (Michaelmas 2020)

Most dates TBD, but assume meetings on Wednesdays